Work smarter, not harder.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all the rage when it comes to the future of marketing and content creation. We don’t have a crystal ball, so only time will tell how much of a roll AI will play long-term. However, it’s safe to say that 2023 was the year it went mainstream.

With all the hype around AI and the tools available to businesses, we wanted to take a minute to share one we find value in. offers a paid AI service for content generation. We love it because it allows you to create a Brand Voice, which helps with consistency and authenticity.

We do not believe the technology has evolved to a point that businesses can be “hands off.” We do believe it helps cut down on the time needed to write content for blog posts or social media, as it quickly creates a starting point. Your internal team can then review and modify what generates so it sounds like a human from your business wrote it. The same goes for Chat GPT.

If you have found an AI tool that works great for you, share it with us! As Generative AI expands, we will review and assess new tools for marketing and let you know our thoughts when we find one that’s helpful.

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