Don't get tricked into losing accounts

If you manage a Facebook Business Page, you have seen a lot of spam activity over the last several months. Hackers send fake copyright infringement notices to Facebook users to steal their credentials. While this may look legitimate because it says it’s coming from the “Meta Team” or “Facebook Meta,” this is a phishing attack.

If your Facebook Business Page received a message that starts something like this, “Your account has been suspended. This is because your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our Community Standards…” or “Your Page Has Been Disabled. I.N.C. International Concepts has reported that your article…” do not reply. Report the message to Facebook as spam and delete it.

The same goes for messages from “Business News” or “Facebook User” accounts. If it looks like spam, it’s probably spam. Delete it and keep moving, or contact us if you’re unsure.

  • Did you know?

    A recent report from Guardio Labs warns that roughly 1 in 70 accounts targeted is ultimately compromised.

Furthermore, if your personal Facebook account is tied to your Business Page and that personal account is hacked, you could lose access to your Business Page. Follow the suggested recommendations by Facebook to secure your account through two-factor authentication, change your password often, ensure it is a strong password, and more. Suggestions from Facebook can be found here.

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