Kudos to our client, Fire & Safety Services

Tradeshow season is behind us for 2023, but it’s never too early to start planning for 2024!

For our client feature this month, we’d like to give a shout-out to Fire & Safety Services. Recently we collaborated with them to put together a digital guide for the New Jersey Firemen’s Convention they attended back in September in Wildwood, NJ.

At this show, they had a TON of Pierce fire trucks on display. Not wanting anyone to miss out on what was available to see, they had QR codes stationed around the area for attendees to scan with their phones. Upon scanning, the page would load the Digital Show Guide page we put together. Ensuring it was mobile-friendly, this guide was simple and clean and allowed one to scroll through all the trucks at the show. Organized by type, it also allowed the user to see basic stats on the department, the job #, and the ability to download a drawing of any truck one might be interested in for future reference.

Providing showgoers with a user-friendly guide helped easily convey what was on display at the show. It also worked as a follow-up sales tool for interested departments to reach out about a truck or feature they might like for their crew!

We invite you to visit the 2023 New Jersey Firemen’s Convention Digital Show Guide and see for yourself! If you like what they’ve done, let them know.

  • Did you know these stats about tradeshow attendees?

    - The primary reason for 92% of attendees to visit a trade show is to explore new and exciting products and services.

    - Nearly half (46%) of the attendees at a trade show are in senior management positions.

    - Over half (64%) of the attendees at a trade show are not current customers of the businesses exhibiting.

    - A vast majority (82%) of the trade show attendees have the authority to make purchasing decisions.

    - According to 74% of trade show attendees, engaging with exhibitors increases their likelihood of buying the products/services on display.

    - Attending trade shows is believed to be helpful by 79% of the attendees in making purchase decisions.

    Sources: Spingo, Lincoln West, Excalibur Exhibits, Display Wizard, Princeton Marketing, Hill & Partners, Graphicolor Exhibits, Sage World, Highway 85 Creative, Event Marketer.

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