Marketing Assessment & Plan

How do you start marketing your business without a plan? You don’t.

Throwing up a website just to have one isn’t a plan. Signing up for Facebook or Twitter because “everyone is doing it” isn’t a strategy. These are band-aid approaches to much bigger problems. Still, trying to come up with a well thought-out blueprint that delivers measurable results can be overwhelming, even for experienced marketers.

Let us help you start (or re-start) your marketing journey the right way with our Marketing Assessment and Plan.

M4M-remarketers-rectangleInterested in learning about doing a marketing assessment for your business at a live conference? Then consider joining us for Marketing for Manufacturers conference we are planning for October 11th, 2017 (in Cleveland, OH) and October 12th, 2017 (in Pittsburgh, PA). TBG Digital Marketing will be reviewing all the steps on doing a marketing assessment plan right. We will also be joined by Google, Hubspot, and Incept for a full day of learning how to gain more quality leads using digital and inbound marketing tactics.

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Phase 1: Marketing Assessment & Plan

assessment-planWe start our assessment with a kick-off call to gather all the important information about how you currently do business and market yourself. It’s important to take the time to review your short and long term goals while also analyzing your current marketing efforts, including your website’s usability, structure and message. We also conduct a competitor analysis to get a sense of what you’re up against in your particular market or industry. Lastly, we will do extensive keyword research to identify how people are currently searching for the services or products you provide so we can better recommend how to reach those target markets.

Equipped with information from our research and analytics, we convert what we learned into a proposed sitemap along with design concepts—complete with clear calls-to-action and purposeful landing pages—for the home and interior pages, along with a mobile view.

We finish off the assessment phase with a detailed marketing plan, complete with recommendations and budget planning for content marketing, SEO, social media endeavors, and more. Along with all this, we will also provide you with measurable tools to help prove your ROI after putting this marketing plan in place.

In the end, we always give our clients the choice to work in-house or with us to implement the plan. We are satisfied with either option, as long as you at least start with an assessment. We want our clients to be successful, no matter how much (or little) they use our services. Companies that complete the assessment get better, faster inbound marketing results than those that don’t, so what are you waiting for?

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