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What’s the value of Google Reviews for your business?

Google is the largest review platform on the internet and only growing. This makes reviews on Google more critical for a business than ever before. Customers now expect to see reviews on what they are searching for to help them decide who to choose from the vast sea of options. And they don’t just want a mediocre choice; they want the best. As a result, your online reviews directly correlate with your business’s reputation, so they must be stellar to stand out.

Three Things Google Reviews Can Do To Improve Your Business:

    1.  Build trust and credibility with customers
        • Reviews play an important role in people’s first impressions of your business. Building trust and establishing credibility with potential customers rely on excellent online reviews. A recent study done by Bright Local found that about 82% of people read reviews before making a purchasing decision. If you don’t have an outstanding overall rating or a constant flow of recent reviews, customers will likely pass up your profile for a competitor who does.
      • Boost your online visibility and page ranking within Google
        • How high your business ranks on the first page of Google is, in part, a reflection of how effective your review strategy is. The more Google reviews you have and the higher your average star rating, the better you will rank among your competitors on Google. To a potential customer, a high star rating translates to quality work, while the volume of reviews relates to experience. Having both means a better chance of Google skyrocketing your business page to the top of search results. And, more importantly, catching the eye of a customer looking for your services.
      • Help optimize your customer experience
        • Receiving reviews can quickly let you know what you are doing well as a business and where you might have room for improvement. Although it isn’t pleasant to receive a negative review, it can be useful in showing people how you handle issues when they arise. By responding politely and offering a solution to the issue, you demonstrate to potential customers that you are aware of the concerns mentioned and are working to resolve them. In addition, negative reviews offer teaching moments. By using them to adjust internal procedures or products, improvements can be made to help prevent unhappy customers in the future.

How do you currently rank in Google?

Did you know that once you improve your average Google Reviews rating to 4.95, Google automatically rounds you up to a 5-star rating? Use our Google Review Calculator to estimate how many reviews you need to increase your average Google Review rating.

TBG Digital Marketing is a certified Google Partner

The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies with Google Ads skills and expertise. Trust TBG Digital Marketing to know the latest rules, regulations, and offerings of Google.

Ready to start using Google Review Services to grow your business?

TBG Digital Marketing has specific tools and tactics to get you on top of your Google Reviews to gain more visibility and leads. Along with acquiring reviews, businesses must also be mindful of reading, managing, and responding to reviews promptly. We have Google Review Services that handle all these things under one platform and many other related services to complement your Google Reviews strategy.

Each business has unique challenges online. With nearly 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing, TBG has the expertise and toolset to help you develop and implement a plan to grow your business by leveraging the internet.

Tackle Google Reviews and launch your business to new heights.

Contact TBG Digital Marketing for a free consultation of your current Google Listing Page and Google Review strategy.