Think email marketing is dead?

Think again. With 2.5 billion users, email isn’t going anywhere.

Email Marketing: Here to Stay

With the latest social media trends clogging up the internet news feeds, it’s easy to think that marketing via email is dead. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In a report created by The Radicati Group, they discovered out of the 196 billion emails sent daily, 109 billion of these messages are business-related emails. It’s true that a lot of this could be considered spam or unwanted messages, but when email marketing is done the right way, its impact can be huge.

Considering that email marketing is a very personal way of reaching your target audience, you want your messages to come across as warm and intimate. No one likes to feel like the one of a million receiving the same, boring message. They want to believe that you appreciate them as an individual and that your company is committed to helping him or her achieve something (whether it’s gaining knowledge, getting a good deal, or something entirely different). Building a strong and lasting relationship with your customer via email marketing is totally doable — if you do it the right way.

Whether you’re looking for some tips and advice on how to jump-start your email campaigns or you’re looking for someone to completely manage your e-newsletters, our team can provide expert advice via our email marketing services. On top of that, we can help you get set up and running with a FREE 60 day trial to Constant Contact today (no credit card required)! You can trust us as we are an All-Star partner with Constant Contact. Only 10% of participants receive this award for excellence in building customer relationships by managing our clients’ accounts and engaging with them in the benefits of email marketing.

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Still not convinced that email marketing services would greatly benefit your business?

Here are some more undeniable reasons that employing email marketing services into your overall business plan is a very good idea:

Very Cost Effective

Think of all the money you’d have to spend to do a direct mail advertisement. Or how about a TV ad? Now consider how easy, effective, and affordable email marketing is in comparison! It’s clearly a win-win situation.

Users Take Action

Whether your call-to-action is to download a file, use a coupon code, or forward the message to a friend, you are always directing the recipient to do something that will benefit your company. Using email marketing to increase your web traffic and, ultimately, increase your sales, is a very achievable goal!


Email marketing results take all the guesswork out of calculating your ROI. You can easily track how many people opened it, what links they clicked, and who unsubscribed. Reviewing your analytics can help you to make adjustments so the next newsletter is even better.


With the rise of mobile phone usage, people can check their emails more often than not. A study last year from Exacttarget reported that 91% of people use their smartphones to access their email compared to 75% of the people who use their smartphones for social networking.

Download for Free our Anatomy of a Great Email Newsletter Whitepaper!