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If you've got a physical product to sell, then ecommerce is your ticket to more virtual sales.

Think again. With 2.5 billion users, email isn’t going anywhere.

Your Ecommerce Website Development Team is Here

In 2014, we made a strategic decision to focus the development of our in house skillset on Magento ecommerce shopping cart systems. We still help clients optimize other types of cart systems for user experience and search engine optimization, however, we only develop new shopping cart systems using Magento.

Why Magento?

  1. Largest Market Share: Magento commands the largest market share of any cart framework currently available. Reference the chart below as published by BuiltWithcom:
    ecommerce website development stats

Having such a large user base makes it easier for one to research and acquire pre-built plugins needed to add additional functionality to the cart system. There are currently over 14,000 Magento programmers on hand to use for customization.

2. In-House and Extensive External Skills: PHP is the programming language used to develop Magento ecommerce shopping cart systems. TBG currently has PHP programmers in house. As such, TBG is typically able to perform needed cart development services and resolve any unforeseen support issues in house. TBG clients benefit by having shorter programming delivery and response times. If needed, we are able to source a unique Magento skill from over 14,000 Magento programmers (as stated on Magento.com).

3. Risk Mitigation/Obsolescence Management:  Evaluating and managing the risk of technology obsolescence for one’s business can be a daunting task. No one wants to make a strategic decision to invest in a technology platform and train their employees on it, only to find out later on that they made the wrong decision. It is extremely important to stay on top of emergency trends and follow what the big technology players are doing to mitigate risk. In March of 2010, ecommerce and digital payments giant eBay acquired Magento. This acquisition helped to mitigate the technology obsolescence risk of anyone who adopts and uses Magento. eBay has deep financial pockets, and since the initial acquisition, they have and continue to keep Magento at the forefront by offering robust functionality and an optimal user experience.

An Example of a TBG Client Magento Cart System:

Ezabel Ecommerce Website

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