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Project Description

We assist Braun Industries with all facets of their marketing. Now on their second website redesign and blog project, we work closely with the client to make sure they understand all of the decisions we make in order to develop and nurture the best website possible. Overtime, our work with Braun has expanded into complete management of their online presence, including oversight of their social media accounts, content distribution, blog development, and more. We also work with the ambulance manufacturer on their traditional marketing by designing trade publication ads, putting together tradeshow marketing plans, creating direct mail pieces, and much more. This is an ideal partnership for us as we can work side by side with the client to roll out a strategy that is cohesive across the board, which helps build a strong brand identity.

Website: www.braunambulances.com

Project Details

  • ClientBraun Industries
  • Project URLwww.braunambulances.com
  • ServicesWebsite Redesign and Blog
  • PlatformWordPress

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